Has anyone ever planted annual clovers for fall attraction?


5 year old buck +
Just curious I ordered berseem and crimson and it ended up being back ordered so I didn't get it in this spring. Has anyone planted either in the fall? I know some have used it in mixes before with ladino or red.
I have yes, with good success
I put some in my LC cereal mix last year and it was planted Labor Day weekend, some of it made it through the winter.

All the time. I use crimson and apache arrowleaf. Both re-seed heavily.
When do you plant and do use a companion crop? Drill, broadcast? When I'm in zone 7a
I plant winter wheat as a companion. Occasionally winter rye. Either works fine. 50 lbs/ac of the grain, about 6lb/ac each of the two clovers. Broadcast and disk in the grain, top seed and drag or roll the clovers is how I always do it.