Harvest Progress Outlook?


5 year old buck +
It's been a weird year. I wonder how the harvest will progress. I'm looking to MoBuck on this one. It seems like more corn is going out as silage this year (just a wild guess based on observation). I wonder how the frost will impact timing of the soybean harvest as well? Will corn stand longer because it isn't looking feasible to dry this year?
Most corn this year has Northern leaf blight. Stocks are weak, lots of ear drop and lodging if not taken out this fall. I will take it out and dry after what happened last winter. i will leave enough for the deer but that's it!
I have seen a lot of bean fields going out already.
What corn is not harvested for silage will probably stand for quite a period in my area.

All of the corn on my rental acres has been chopped. Just the skimpy flooded out foodplot corn is left and the two year old corn.
I got word from our bear hunter that they just started this week in our area. Hopefully come the first of November we will have the only standing corn for miles.