Habitat-talk's November trail cam Contest


  1. Photos submitted for the contest must have been taken by a trail camera during the current month or the month prior. Example= To be eligible for the June 2022 contest, the photo must have been taken with a trail camera during May 2022 or June 2022.
  2. Photos must be submitted on or before the last day of the month for the contest to be eligible. Example= March 31st is the last day to enter a photo in the March contest.
  3. The winner is decided by the photo that receives the most "likes", counted on the 10th day after the end of the month. Example= Photo with the most "likes" on July 10th is the winner of the June contest. In the event of a tie the photo that was posted first will be deemed the winner.
  4. Members can submit up to 5 photos per contest (one photo per post), however no photo can be submitted into more than one contest.
  5. Members can "like" as many photos as they wish. (Participation is key to this working. Don't wait until the end of the month to vote for a winner, "like" photos as they are posted if you like them).
  6. Categories to be announced on a monthly basis.
  7. Any and all disputes or questionable entries will be reviewed by Admin and handled accordingly.
  8. The category for this month is restricted to (No restrictions)
This year no monthly prizes but we’ll put all monthly winners in a best of best for a really nice custom built knife.

End of year prize for the best it the best https://habitat-talk.com/threads/trail-cam-best-of-the-best-contest-prize.14789/
I need to work on theses guys.

Mixed bag


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Pretty sure this is a wire tree cage wrapped around his antlers.
I found the other piece of the cage laying out in the field
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I let him walk the other day at 15 yards,I wonder what he will be next year?


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^^^ oof, tough pass. Is he young or something? Looks like pretty good mass and maybe 15 scoreable points.
I have been trying to figure a score from pics he just didn't look as big in real life.He showed up for the first time this year and has been here since summer.I don't think he's any older than 4.5 and has broke one of his smaller tines off.I didn't say it was easy but I was after another buck also and screwed that up last night after chasing him for the last 2 years off trail cam pics.
Do you need a neighbor? I think we’d be best friends.

A romp of river otters (yes I had to look that up).

This camera is located probably 300 yards or so from a stream and about 150 yards from a shallow pond with almost zero fish.
Just a shot from a friend's kill plot on a night when he shoulda been there.....I didn't tease him too bad about it (he's an older fella and I really want him to kill one on a plot he helped to make)..
It might not have had the same results if he hadn't broke a couple tines when he was in front of me.Another reason is I have been chasing another buck for 3 years and was really hoping for him.He did look like a monster when named and in velvet.