Guessing this one is over 2.5,,,, by a few years possibly.....


5 year old buck +
Not an expert at aging deer, but something just tells me this is older than 2.5....... :D

Pic is from a doe only city hunt around the metro...... Not taken by me, but by a friend of a friend... or something like that.
Holy frickin moly!!!!

Yep, that is one old man coming over the hill.

Remind me never to go on a doe only hunt.
Having to let that walk would make me cry.
I was so excited you had a mature buck in Ottertail County. Was going to look for land to buy there. Then you burst my bubble.
Wow. That boy has been around a few years. Impressive deer.
I'd be guessing 4.5 or better.
Thats a big boy.
That stud's front shoulders and neck are off the charts, awesome pic!