5 year old buck +
I have not seen any this year so far, but last year something was eating the leaves on my Sawtooth trees real bad. The only thing I found that could have done it was grasshoppers.
I had never seen these big grasshoppers around my trees before.The leaves was eat so bad that I thought they may actually damage the tree.
I came across the pic I had saved and thought I would see if any of you have had any issues with grasshoppers, and if they can damage the tree or just eat some leaves and move on?

I had planned on coming back and spraying, but they had already left and no more leaves eaten.

I'm almost certain that the damage was from these grasshoppers.
Have you every seen this kind of grasshopper?
Big yellow grasshoppers eat ours up every year but they come back. I have noticed the grasshoppers starting to eat on some of them so far. They only get worse through September...