Grafting - When to Pick Your central leader or remove competing leaders


5 year old buck +
Hey Folks, so a lot of my trees are doing well. I asked this question last year. But when do you typically remove competing leaders. Obviously I want my little graft putting all of it's energy into one leader so the tree puts on as much growth as possible during the first growing season. Some of them are just about ready but I just transplanted them to my garden so I am thinking of giving some time to establish before removing a leader which could shock them a bit.



If I remember correctly in one of Ben's post he said around the first of June
I go to one leader as soon I feel confident that the graft took....probably when the new growth is 4-5" long so

Thanks for the replies all! I have many grafts already in the 5" or more category so I will probably give them a little bit more time since they were just moved out side. Then i'll start converting them to a single leader.