Got my 2013 buck back


Got my 2013 buck back from the taxidermist today. He was a fighter - check out the ear tear, worn/busted brow tines, and 2 other broken tine tips. Largest buck from a weight standpoint to come off the farm so far. He and my sons 2013 buck has not been scored yet so I am not sure about the antler score.
2013 post 1.jpg
2013 post 2.jpg
Looks like you have a pretty good taxidermist there j-bird. I like the torn ear. It gives it character.
Great looking mount.

That had to hurt on a cold November night.
Nice buck.
cool buck! scrapper
Neat, what did you name him?
Tooln - I don't name them. He is simply "2013 buck" - real creative isn't it?
How do I get this post relocated to the successful hunts tab? I was an idiot and posted it in the wrong place - duh.
Tough looking brute. Cool mount, too.
Nice buck and nice mount. CONGRATULATIONS.
Great looking mount! Congrats
Thats one heck of a buck, He's a beast!! Congratulations.....
I bet the other bucks are happy he's gone!!
Congrates nice buck