Forum question and e-mail


OK - Ihave a question abou the functionality of the forum. I am not the smartest guy when it comes to technology so please talk slowly and likIam 3 years old. It appears that when someone replies to a thread of mine I get an e-mail. Is there a way that I can turn this off? I tinkIO mayhae figured tis out - so plase respond and Iwill see. I unchecked a box abou "receive email notiofications" thatIdid not notice before.
that should do it for you. but here is the test reply for you.
j-bird - you can de-select receiving email notifications on each thread at the very bottom or go to your name tab in the upper right side click on it then go to preferences and uncheck email notifications there.
I am finding my current thread sandchangin thoseand I will look at th preferences as well. Thanks guys. Sorry for the dumb questin - just new totheforum and some of the finer poins on how it works.