Firewood Blind


5 year old buck +
One use for an abundance of fire wood from clearing a food plot:
Plot Blind 3email.jpg Plot Blind 5email.jpg Plot Blind 7email.jpg Plot Blind 9email.jpg Plot Blind 13 email.jpg
is that a blind or a bunker?
That is a thing of beauty to be sure! If it had a roof, a heater, and a comfortable chair it would really be nice. Nice work!
Very nice idea!
Nice, and long lasting!
Now you have a place to put that old satellite dish, on the top as a roof. Nice looking blind!
Nice blind. I been using a wood pile blind for a few years now. My window is bigger so I can shoot my bow out of it.
Birch bark roof for a natural look.
is that a blind or a bunker?


So far it's been a fort (nephew), castle (niece), blind (sister), retreat (me). Ain't life grand?

Thanks for all the comments and suggestions!
Still looks like a bunker to me. LOL
I have considered doing this myself before. If you want something more weather tight I have seen where they use logs like in a wood pile like that with mortor between them. I can't remember the official term for that sort of construction. Whe I built my tower blind - Ibuild it ina modular fashion and then takeit apart and to the field. While it is at the house however it turns into a play house for my girls. My boy and his friends like to use my tower blinds for paint ball - they have discovered the tactical advantage of height! Looks like a rainbow crapped all over it at times!!!
Eventually I'll be burning all that wood so the mortar probably wouldn't work here. But the idea is definitely going in my options file!
The name for the mortar fire wood building I think is called a cord wood house. Put a sheet of plywood on top for a roof and make a door out of a 1/2 sheet, that you can slide.
cord wood structures and log and chink.