Edge Feathering.....It works!

Mo, any chance you could somehow post a drawing explaining exactly how the plot/bedding/trails into and out of here go, etc.? Would love to see how you laid it out!
Sweet video. That half rack could be a contender in a couple years!
You left the lights on.

Looks like there is at least one shed out there to hunt for.
Are you here hunting Bill?

No I'm supposed to be in Florida fishing but that got screwed up.

We were there for the whole ML season last year. The weather didn't look like it was going to cooperate this year. Looks like yesterday and today would be good though.
looks like you have one helluva "gun tower" on that plot man! it has lights....and probably indoor plumbing and heat too from the looks of it. haha!

i hope MNFish sees this....a cabin or dwelling isn't going to deter deer from using a particular area as long as the majority of the human presence is non threatening!
This is the trail we set up for the deer to come out of. We leave everything so thick that the bucks have to come out of the woods during the rut to check for doe's feeding during the daylight. Leave them no Visual contact at all until they expose themselves.

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The plot I posted a few days back was screened with a milo sorghum blend on the west end 2 falls ago. I could watch some of the bucks poke their head through the low spots in the screen to check the field, disappear for 30 minutes, and come back and do it again. They never walked into the plot but it was fun to watch.

That same field was planted in Miscanthus on the north and west ends (most sunlight) last spring as well. Be interesting to see what effect that has when it fills in.
MoBuck I just stumbled onto your hazelnut thread on the dark side. Do you have any updates?
How long have your trees been hinged? Just wondering if the screen will stay thick for a number of years.