Eating paw-paw - I need some advice


I found some nice sized pawpaw fruit over the weekend - first time I have ever found any of significant size or quantity. I am told they are good to eat, but I never have tried one. I know better that to eat them when green (so don't try to talk me into it). Any of you eat one before? How do I know they are ready to be consumed?

I have about a dozen or so and they are about the size of the palm of my hand - green in color turning to a more black color picked straight off the tree (normally all I find is broken limbs from the coons).
I've eaten them and prefer them before they get really ripe. Once they get too mushy, they just don't taste as good to me.

They won't all ripen at exactly the same time, so I would suggest watching them and when the first ones start getting a more brown/yellow cast try some at different stages of ripeness and you will soon get the hang of knowing when to harvest them.

Remember, paw paws are like apples - no two trees are exactly alike, individual trees have different ripening dates, and some taste much better than others.
well tried my first pawpaw tonight. The skin was nearly black and I removed it. Some of the mushy part reminded me of custard, while the firmer stuff was much more bitter. I was also very surprised of the number and size of seeds. I think it needed to ripen even more. I am keeping the seeds as I figure someone may want them. I have plenty of pawpaw so I am not interested in planting them. I have a dozen or so more so I will have plenty more to try and plenty more seeds.

If for some reason anyone wants the seeds let me know. I'll hang on to them for a while. I know nothing about growing them. All I know is my trees do best in damp soils in broken sun/shade and fruit forms and ripens in mid to late September in my area.