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I'm looking into planting a couple Dunstan Chestnut trees this year. I'm thinking / hoping somebody here has experience with them. How to plant, where to plant, how many to plant etc......

I see Wal-Mart in Plover, WI is supposed to have some come in next week. I'll try to pick them up from there. I'm not sure what size trees the Wal-Mart stores get?

Just be aware planting these in central Wisconsin, we are on the far outer side of the recommended planting zone. Supposedly these are hardy to -25 but most are grown in Florida. When I purchased my Dunstan's from Chestnut Hill Farms (the grower of all Dunstan seedlings) they said I was pretty much rolling the dice. I am in Marquette County. Just want to make you aware of that, I certainly wouldn't plant hundreds or thousands as the jury is still out on if these can actually survive this far north. You do need a few trees minimum for pollination, I went with 3.

For planting, I have extreme sandy soil so I back filled the hole with 2 bags of well composted manure, I mulched with both Lumite and Pea Gravel. I fenced with concrete mesh and used aluminum window screen around the trunks. If you can plant in an area that gets a bit of afternoon shade I think that would be a huge benefit. I have read plenty of posts about peoples dunstans burning up as in general i think it's been pretty hot and droughty the past few summers.

We are coming out of a very cold winter, I will be curious to see if my 2nd year trees which were planted last year make it. Should know soon.

September 19, 2013


Thanks Ed.

I know I'm pushing the planting zone but I figure if I only plant 2 or 3 then it's worth the try.
Most importantly. Plant in a well drained area. Too much water will kill them every time. I'd also plant at least three. Planting two and losing one would put you back quite a bit and could leave you with a healthy but unproductive tree.
DUNSTAN chestnuts ,Check Forrest Keeling Nursery, 5' tall, paid $11.95 each+ shipping, not bare root. Shipping makes them quite expensive. Bond orchard selection 20818. If interested I have ordered 25 persimmon, will not be shipped until last frost date. If you are willing to drive over to Andover Mn. I can order them an have them shipped to my address. If anyone else is interested, the shipping charges will be approximately the same, just called them and 50 trees can be shipped on a pallet. The trees must be S3-3 rpm to be shipped. Also if anyone is interested in other trees check them out.
Our local walmart has the 3 gal dunstans for $29.99.
These from Forrest Keeling are from approximately the same size, and the seed source is not Florida. $11.95 vs. $29.95 How far can you drive to save $54.00 on 3 trees?
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I drove an hour and a half last night to purchase 8 trees. I've been trying to get my hands on some dunstans for a few years now. The Oneida, NY Walmart still had about 20 trees left after I bought mine.
I have 6 walmart bought dunstans planted and 20 native nursery chestnuts planted. I sure hope these trees live up to all the hype they have been given over the past few yrs. I mean their is not to many trail cam pics around with deer eating chestnuts, some but not many... I guess time will tell boys. Cross your fingers
I planted 5 dunstans this year. Mabe I can get at least 4 to live, then that will be enough for me to try.