Drilling Soybeans


5 year old buck +
Got my first introduction to the use of a seed drill for actually planting something on the farm today. Met a guy in the county I live in that would do it for $20/acre. He came over today and drilled me in 1 acre of Eagle beans that will be under electric fence and 2 acres of ag beans. Only took 2 1/2 bags (1 Eagle, 1 1/2 ag). Man, I can't believe the savings in seed, time, and money. No more tillage for me if I can help it!
Aztecs planted with sticks.

Modern NT isn't so far removed.

Seed into soil under proper conditions = life per nature and the start of the most dynamic cycle on the planet.

The level of complexity in growing something can be as much or as little as one desires.
Up there today, beans are coming up. Pretty good since it hasn't rained in three weeks. Electric fence up and working.
Got the drill out and planted a test acre of mix this eve....a lil rich on the setting so 1 ac of seed went into 0.8 ac....readjusted.

Cool season annual pasture on really thin soil over rock is burning. Annuals sense things like that and hasten their maturity.

Suffice to say compaction won't be an issue during this spring planting.

20s lows first of last week....90s high first of this week...nice weather, aye?