Diamond Back ATV Truck Carrier

Those have always made my stomach tighten up a little. My atv is 800# and I wouldn't want to drive a truck with that much weight so high up from the CG.

I got this trailer from Fleet Farm for $400 and it's made in Wisconsin. Rated for 1200# and bought specifically to haul the machine.

They make something similar for snowmobiles :eek:

I remember seeing a video a few years ago with a pickup spinning donuts with a sleddeck and two snowmobiles on it, couldn't find it again. Snowmobiles would be a bit lighter and lower CG too I guess.
Maybe with a 3/4 ton or 1 ton yes
1/2 ton NO. It would be nice not to have to drag a trailer along on every trip.
Looks dangerous. I pucker up loading mine on a 1ton flat bed at times
Intentionally sliding around on a slippery flat surface doing doughnuts isn't any semblance of a sign of stability. Try doing slalom moves on dry asphalt and see what happens. :) Now consider what would happen if someone cut you off.

3/4T might do better. 1T might be ok. Most folks only have 1/2T's.

This thing doesn't even have a load in it.

To top heavy for my liking. Putting sleds up on a tip trailer is as much as I want for loading. Agree, a 1 ton would be the best option but then again putting that thing on and off and then storing it would be a pain.
Trailer is prolly same cost or cheaper an can be used for many things. I pull one prolly 3-4 days/wk so they don't bother me
Will they work, YES is it SAFE MAYBE. Way to top heavey for my taste. I've got a 5x8 trailer that gets used for lots more then hauling the ATV.