Deer Population Observation

West Branch

5 year old buck +
Last month when I was hunting I had was able to make some observations of our local deer numbers. While driving out to park by our shack and then walk to the stand at 4:45 pm I saw 1 doe and 2 fawns run into the woods off the edge of a field. Once I parked and started walking across the field to the stand I saw 1 doe and 1 fawn bedded down in a field and they ran off to the east end of the field. Once in the stand at about 6:00 I had a fawn come out for a couple minutes and then it went back into the woods and then at 7:00 the fawn and a doe came out of the woods.

When I checked the trail camera these pictures were also taken in the same area at the same time, about 400 yards to the SW of where I parked the pickup. 2 does and a fawn were bedded down for 2 hours here and based on where they are at, and the time, they would not have been any of the other ones that I saw.



Here is a summary of what I observed in an area of about 60 acres. Based on where these deer were located and when I observed them I believe they are all different deer:
At 4:45 - 1 doe with 2 fawns
At 4:50 - 1 doe with 1 fawn
At 6:00 and 7:00 - 1 doe with 1 fawn
Trail Camera bedded down from 4:45 to 6:40 - 2 does and 1 fawn

Just thought this was fun observation especially once I checked the trail camera and found the pictures that were taken at the same time. It is also fun to see after last winter and worrying about deer #s. Hopefully they are 10 more deer that will be around next year! I won't be sharing my secrets for making deer beds :p, there were a few velvet bucks that also bedded down in front of this camera multiple times back in July.
Good to hear winter wasn't as cruel to your local herd as it could have been. Do I remember you stating that there was some logging in your area last winter?

No logging within a few miles for a few years. But we have still had quite a bit of logging in the last 10 years within 5 miles or so, which I think helps quite a bit. There are some local bigger outfits and a couple one-man outfits that seem to keep busy. We are close enough to Cloquet and Duluth for loggers to have a place to bring wood. I think that being at the edge of an area that is split up pretty good with ag, forest, and swamps helps us out locally as well. Some areas only 5 miles away with much higher % of woods and no clover and alfalfa fields seem to be hurting for deer #s a lot more.