Daughter killed her first deer


5 year old buck +
My daughter killed her first deer this afternoon. She put a good shot on a small doe at about 75 yards. The .243 did the job so the tracking job didn't take long.

Tell her congratulations, and you to dad.
Thats awesome! congrats
Congrats to you & her.
Congrats to you and her.
Give her a hug for me!
Congrats. Must have been a great for you two.
That's great, Kabic! Tel her grats from me, pls.
Good for both of you. My daughter got her first deer last year. That was one of my all time favorite hunts.
Congratulations to your daughter.
Congrats to you and your daughter.
Congrats to you both! great memories.
Good for both of you! I remember my boy's first deer like it was yesterday - something you will both remember for a long, long time.
congrats! that is awesome!
Congrats, nothing like that first deer!
Congrats to the lucky young lady! And dad too!
Hey Kabic, That's great news! Congratulations...;) I took my son out Saturday, only saw two does at long range.