Crop status



beans are starting to get picked around here? Corn is drying at a pretty good clip with this drier breezy conditions
Central wi
How bout everywhere else?
Farmers already picking corn here. Noticed beans at several different stages of development in Western KY the other day - some very brown and others very green. Our weather has been so warm it doesn't seem like deer are in their fall pattern that much yet, but should be happening soon.
Saw a lot of corn being picked today in my part of the state.
Corn chopping in full swing here. Not much picking or combining in my area as corn is in the low to mid 30's on moisture yet. Some beans coming out here but a lot of green ones mixed in yet. It will be at least a week before things get going here.
chopping is nearly done. Beans are coming out.
Help inlaws finish last 30 acres of beans and chisel plowed a bit. Also switch combine heads this weekend which put the kibosh on my hunting . His Corn is a drying down and may start picking late part of week if rain goes around him.Was able to get out to one farm and double check all rifle stands and pull chips. I would guess in another week or a little bit longer before the combines will start running full time in corn.
Today we Took out the only field of beans that were ready to combine. Yield was in the mid 30's nothing to right home about!
Didn't see much for beans coming out in NW McLeod county until this past week. Corn has been getting chopped for a couple weeks. Things were planted pretty late and most of the 100s and 100s of acres of cover crops that had been planted are disced under now.
I hope they get it all out before opener around me . It'll make my 2 acre corn plot that much more attractive.
I'm hopeful that lots of standing corn isn't able to be used as a reason for a low kill this year :rolleyes:

Hahaha! You can best your ass it will be!
Most of the beans are out by me but corn has not started yet.

I walked my corn today, it started out all well and good but it ended with a little incident with my dog Trapper and a skunk. I’m OK but Trapper is a little traumatized. It’s not very often you get a ½ dozen baths in a 3 hour time. I even used the scrub pad on him; started with dawn dishwashing soap, then went to white vinegar, back to dawn soap, then hydrogen peroxide and backing soda and finally dawn dish washing soap. He’s a little musky but he passes inspection.

Nothing makes you exit a corn field faster than the blast from a skunk. Glad that’s over.
I'm running the route from Sioux Falls to Bismarck tomorrow. I'll have a better update tomorrow night. Seems like there has been more corn silage this year so far. Beans were coming out, but I could swear the stalks were green behind the combine. I could also be seeing things. Saw an area where a guy made hundreds of round bales outta his bean stalks. Wonder what they're doing with that, if it's just bedding, or if it gets fed?
If there's a lot of corn, you're will be. I'd love to have ideal conditions and still see the total kill come in around 120K

Lot of wet corn in my area because of late planting. $1.70 dryer gas and $3 corn? It will stand through deer hunting this year...again!
Yup...from the looks of the corn around here I'd agree. Heard on the radio that between low corn prices, high LP prices and a shortage of it, and lack of storage facilities that a lot of the corn will be left to stand and that which does get harvested may be getting piled on the ground for storage.

I think with all the stalk rot in the corn this year. It won't stand all winter and will have to come out. But I think it will be well after the gun season is over. JMO
Farmers are in full swing chopping their corn around me in east central mn. Only noticed one bean field that has been taken off. Our corn will be standing for a long while. Numerous cover crop fields in the area didn't quite like all the rain we recieved this fall and don't look the greatest
Harvest here has been going on for 2 weeks corn and soybeans. Late planted farms will have to wait a bit longer yet (still got som yellow beans and cornshowing some green yet on afew places (neighbor didn't plant corn until June)). We have had rainy crappy conditions for roughly a week so that slowed things considerably. Been a stragne year all the way around.
South Dakota is almost done with beans along the I-29 route. Not much happening with combines in the corn fields yet. Some are starting, but I'd bet 90% that wasn't silage is still standing. Got my mind all fogged up with work things and didn't pay attention in ND. I'll look on the way back tomorrow.
Things were pretty dry here the last few weeks. This big soaker we had isn't going to be helping speeding things along. In the big scheme of things this soaker is good
Eastern ND report: corn hasn't started along I-94 yet. Beans are starting, but lots standing yet. What has been harvested has mostly been worked up already. There are sunflowers still standing towards Bismarck. Thought they'd be done by now.
South of Fargo the beans are coming out at a faster pace. I'd say half done or more. Corn hasn't started yet.