Crabapple tree plus


5 year old buck +
When spraying for insects last weekend at my hunting camp, I saw gypsy moth caterpillars and some other kinds of caterpillars on the apple trees - but saw none on the crabapple trees or any sign of eaten leaves on them. Looks like lots of fruit set on the crabs as well ( the ones old enough to bear ). Has anyone else noticed little, if any, insects chomping on their crabapple trees? Is there something naturally un-appealing about crabs that keeps the bugs away for the most part? I know Sandbur is a fan of crabs. Maybe he and some of you guys who grow crabs can give your insight into this. Seems like a big plus as far as spray $ goes.
I don't know much about this apple thing, but it seems like crab apples take less care and grow in poorer conditions.

Maybe more hardiness in some varieties.

Chestnut crab and dolgo never get spray on my place., but neither does the NW greening, red barn, hazen, or haralred. Honeycrisp are a pain for me.

Dolgo and chestnut are low maintenance.
And columbia crab is low maintenance.
It may depend on the crabapple variety and/or the pest, but my Geneva Crab took a shellacking from the tent caterpillars earlier this year.

We don't have any cherry around us. And luckily I haven't seen any evidence of tent caterpillars on our apples / crabs / pears at the camp. I had one tent on a crab at my home, and just pulled it off & stepped on it. I was just surprised to only see chewing damage on the apple trees and none ( so far ) on any of the crabs. Once Jap. Beetles hatch out, they may change the game. The crabs we have are Dolgo, Centennial, Centurion, Chestnut, Whitney, All-Winter-Hangover, Hyslop, Nova Scotia, and Trailman Apple/crab, plus 6 un-named varieties from the Conservation District. Sprayed the apples with SEVIN - hope it works.