Corn...Trail Cams


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Speaking of leaving corn on another thread. Has anyone checked shell corn in the stores? Has the price come down, since it was $7 bushel and now it's half that.

I usually leave some shell corn out after the hunting season (with a cam on each) to get a good idea of what survived the onslaught.

Anyone know?........also what do you guys do with trail cameras post season?
$5 a bag at the local co op.

I can get it bulk out of the grain bin for $3 a bushel.....
I pretty much keep my cams on the plot or on a pinches coming into the plot. if the winter gets really bad and my little plot gets worn out quickly, then i at times supplement with corn.
I was just Fleet Farm yesterday and walked past it, I think it was around $8. Knowing the consumer market who knows if it will, people get used to paying $8 a bag and even if corn costs drops would probably be a minimal dip in price.
Corn weight obviously fluctuates with the quality of the crop. I'm selling it for $6/ 50 pounds, and I'm still moving it. That is still pretty low considering its dried and bagged. Sacks have a cost too
$5.56 locally here. I feed pre season an post season to get inventory. I didn't feed much this summer maybe 200lbs total over a few wks.
I got a big pile -come and get it!!!!!