5 year old buck +
Realfeel temp of 17* degrees tonight and calling for snow / rain flurries tomorrow.

I heard snow is falling in northern MN.
My dad said there were a lot of snow flakes in the air at the farm in Carlton County MN. Of course nothing sticking.
Same here, snowing but not sticking.
You guys just thawed out in July from LAST winter, didn't you??? Hope you North Country guys have mountains of firewood!
Just started a fire fall is in the air !!!!!!
Good bye skeeters and hello hangin weather.
Light rain here all day. Went out for supper. Snow was falling in Nisswa on the way home. 36 degrees. Wind is howling out of the west. Big roller waves crashing my shoreline all day long.

Two day blow.....maybe the deer will move after the high winds die. Cold enough to hang a deer overnight now.
Ish that's cold. When I left Vegas this afternoon it was about 80 degrees. Walked out to the parking lot here and my ears were getting pretty darn cold before I found the car. Looking like that hat trick deadly winter is on it's way.
They were landscaping my new digs outside of Phoenix today. Be done in a few weeks. If I didn't hunt.....I think I would be headed south right about NOW.
Phoenix place a retirement nest or business base? I see you post all the time regarding Minnesota hunting, weather, etc. Just curious. Good luck w/ the hunting.
I got the wood stove going in Missouri! The barracuda has the hot flashes going in MN so she don't need no heat right now!
Phoenix place a retirement nest or business base? I see you post all the time regarding Minnesota hunting, weather, etc. Just curious. Good luck w/ the hunting.
Winter retirement hide-out. Time to become a snow-bird. :)
It's 37 at Breezy Point this morning and the wind is howling out of the west. Best part is we are pulling docks and lifts today. This time of year the water will be warmer then the air. Living up north, you never know what your going to get for weather.

Phoenix sounds nice compared to what's coming.
Windy as all get out in Maple Grove Twp. Was up for a morning hunt, but my arrows would hit Batman regardless of direction of aim.

Today will be chainsaws and brush cutting instead.
Took the dog out last night before bed, multiple snowflakes floating around at around 9:45 pm last night in La Crosse, WI. Windy, raining, and around 40 when I got up this morning.
Friday night I'd say a couple inches of snow fell in Boulder Junction, WI. Most melted, but there was still patches on the ground Saturday a.m. It snowed pretty doggone heavily for awhile.
Were you in Boulder this weekend Stu? I love that area of the state, except for the deer hunting. My wife still has an aunt and uncle that live just outside Arbor Vitae. We used to visit up there 5 or 6 times a year when she had 2 sets of A/U and her grandparents living in Woodruff. We only get up once a year or less now.:(
but in a few days of being in Vilas/Oneida counties we saw far more deer along the roads than in several months of driving around here.
That ^^^ is truly sad and quite pathetic. Did you make it down to your folk's place this weekend as well?
Yup, started there and worked our way up. Unless something unforeseen occurs...they should close on their place the end of this week.
Congrats and I hope everything works out! Sucks we didn't get to hook up for a beer at Kozy's before you washed your hands of Juneau Co. though.