chinquapin chestnut


5 year old buck +
I ordered around 30 seedlings that I was going to split with a buddy, but I received around 60. So ended up planting 30 this past winter. The place I ordered from slips my mind right now, but it was from a tree farm in Florida. Great customer service. Not big on internet but great on the phone. They came all bareroot with stupid long roots. Some of the roots were longer than the trees were tall. Did some major root prunnig.
Tubed half, caged the other half. Mowed over 2 that I didn't see to protect. 2 tubed ones have passed. The rest looking great. With some greener then others. But overall great.
My reason for writing this is they are supposed to produce early. Like 3-6 years. 2 of the trees (both in tubes) are already putting out catkins. 2 each per tree. They are barely over 15". I am really looking forward in the coming years of how these trees grow and produce.
Thanks eric
Was it Superior Trees in Lee , Florida?

If you are referring to Allegheny Chinkapins, they do produce remarkably early and consistently for me in East Texas

Yes. That is the name of the farm in Florida.
Hopefully my trees will be that size soon. Man thats beautiful.
I put in a bunch of them, and they do well enough in NY too, if the deer leave them alone. A buddy of mine recommended caging a small area that has eight or ten trees in it using two lengths of 50 lb fishing line on metal stakes- it worked so that the Copper Chinquapin were out of browse height in two years. Cheap and effective for small spots, particularly with deer fencing and welded wire relatively expensive.