Chill Hours?

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New to the game here. Just want to make sure I have the concept down. Chill hours are the time the trees are dormant, correct? So if I plant some dunstans from seed I will need to let go dormant for a certain number of hours this winter, then I can bring them in under a grow light and bring them out, correct? I'm going to use this winter under the lights as a chance for some lost grow time and then put them out in the spring.

Thanks guys
A chill hour is the amount of time a tree is below 45 degrees. If some trees, don't get enough chill time they won't produce fruit/nuts. This is a concern for people in Southern climates, who could grow the trees, but without enough chill hours the trees won't bear.
So if they don't meet those chill hours one winter they just won't produce the next year or they won't never produce?
In places like Texas, Chestnuts might get enough chill hours to produce chestnuts some years, but if there's a cool Winter and they get enough chill hours, they produce.

Bringing your Chestnuts indoors isn't worth the risk, in my opinion. It'll late a long time to acclimate the tree when it's moved back outside, negating any gains over the Winter, and they'll be in shock at the time they would normally be producing the most growth.
Good info guys, I appreciate it!

Will the chestnuts survive a winter outside in rootmaker trays? I'm located in Arkansas.
I live in the Ozarks, 15 miles North of Springfield. I leave mine potted until they go dormant in the Fall, and then Fall plant. That negates transplant shock and gives them the best possible start in the Spring. They will need protection because everything from rodents to deer will eat the tree, and when they appear large enough to be safe, bucks will rub them.

I have know idea if they'll survive the Winter in rootmaker trays, but do know Fall planting works in our area, and then you don't have to worry about them and can start a new batch :-)