Central MN Forester?


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I am thinking about getting a forestry plan written up for my property near Nimrod, MN. I am also considering enrolling it in the SFI program. Have any of you guys worked with a forester that services the Wadena county area that you liked? Any thoughts or recommendations?
Ask if they will review the plan application before you send it in, to make sure you have it right. I had Dickson Forestry in Onamia do mine. Worked out fine.
As you call around do us all a solid and ask them what kind of regeneration issues they have sen in central MN through the highs and lows of our deer numbers?

My forester said issues only pop up in wintering areas or where guy supplemental feed heavy in winter. Be good info to have for stakeholder process this winter.
Chad cornelius did our plan 10 years ago. I think he is staples.

We renewed our plan this year and used dan venberg from fergus falls.

Main reason i chose not to have chad renew our plan was because his price was very high. Seemed ridiculous to me that he would charge full price to renew a plan he originally did.
Dan venberg took our old plan and revised it at a much cheaper rate.

I asked about carrying capacity of our region and dan said without question we can sustain higher densities.
Welcome satchmo your not to far from my property near staples/ Bertha
I had a guy out of Emily do my plan, but you have many choices that are closer by.

I do not know of any cisco/tulllibee lakes in the Nimrod area, but there was a program that reduced my costs for the plan, if anyone is in a tullibee watershed.
Thanks Stu, I found his info on the approved planners list.

Batman...I spoke to Ed Patrius from Potlatch about this in 2010 when I bought the place from them. He told me the reason they re-planted the pine section with white spruce was to reduce deer browse damage. Deer densities were high when it was planted, but they are not now.

Lee...Thanks, we are probably only about 30 miles apart.

Sandbur, Really.....they have a tullibee watershed discount for forestry plans? I realize that our watersheds are a giant part of the system and my creek water may end up running thru Stu's ditch, but Tullibee? That's funny.
I think the discount was in certain counties and specific watersheds.
I'm sure you're right about that Bur. We are lucky to have such a huge diversity of habitat in this state.