Caught in the act


5 year old buck +
Gotta start some time...practice makes perfect:eek:

Hopefully that is his sister ... :eek:
November claims in Wisconsin its okay as long as its your first cousin?
what happens in Wisconsin......stays in Wisconsin.
Wisconsin rednecks of da north.
In Iceland they have a new phone app to prevent folks from dating and marrying close relatives.:eek: Turn your app on along with Bluetooth and "bump" phones to find out if you can do the nasty without inbreeding.o_O

Here is the tagline for the new app: “Bump in the app before you bump in bed”
Wisconsin rednecks of da north.
Glad to say we ain't Wis. rednecks, just Jackpine Savages!
Looks like junior has at least one " spike ", head bumps not withstanding. Always thought it'd be cool to visit Minn. & Wisc. After the above comments - not so sure now.............:eek:o_O
Bad buck/doe ratio?
My guess is it is his mom. I had a pic last year of the same thing in September.