Can't decide if he's 3 or 4 this year.


5 year old buck +
This is a buck we call Ice. He was around last year and my cousin thought he was 2 last year and I thought he was 3. Well he showed up this year and is bigger than ever. What does everyone think his age is? We are in South central WI with plenty of ag fields around.


4.5 is my guess. I am sure you will have someone say 3.5
Nice buck. The head looks different in the 2nd 2013 than the 2014 pics ... are you sure it is the same deer?
I struggle with the year over year comparisons many times.... I dont see anything on the buck that indicates it is clearly the same deer.
Assuming it's the same deer, I'd expect a jump like that to occur from 2 to 3, not 3 to 4. Neck isn't very big for Oct 30th either in last year's pic. I'm going 3.5 this year.
I'm torn on the age from last year. I could be convinced either way (just based on those pics) if it is the same buck or not. the angles just don't work well for me to judge if it's the same buck and I'd like a broadside pic with his head up for aging, but the more I look at it, it looks 4.5+ to me (take with a grain of salt). If it was me, I'd shoot it and figure that stuff out later. That's a nice buck.
I'm with Steve. Choot em.
I do think it is the same buck based on the curl and shape of the rack. Hard call in that if he was 3 last year his neck and chest should be bigger by the end of october. Also almost zero tarsel staining. I think he is a dandy 3 year old this year.
3 last yr 4 this IMO
I am 100% sure it's the same deer. Regardless of his age he is on the hit-list and I'm hoping either my cousin or I get him!
I'll go 4.5 & agree get him then age him. Good Luck to you and cuz.