Bully Does?


5 year old buck +
Let me explain our situation. We have 2 white does that are both 5.5 years old(twins) on our farm. From seeing first hand and also in pictures and videos these 2 does are extremely aggressive when it comes to other brown does and fawns. I am fairly certain these 2 white does call our land home. We have noticed the last couple years that we seem to have fewer bucks spending time on our land during summer and early season and this year we have noticed fewer brown does and fawns on our land. The neighbors fields have quite a few deer feeding in there fields so I know we have quite a few deer around. Is it possible these 2 white does are running off other bucks and does?
bully does or white supremacists? either way sounds like you have a problem there.
Well Wisconsin passed it so we can't shoot all white deer in the CWD zone anymore but these does do have a couple brown spots on them so technically they are considered piebalds. I'm thinking one or both are gonna be getting a broadhead or bullet this year or for sure next year.
any chance you can post a picture of the does, I would like to see a piebald in the wild.

I swear one time driving past just south of Tomah I saw a black deer in the field,
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I would be curious to hear Steve B's opinion on this.
If legal I would shoot them.
Does have a similar dominance hierarchy to bucks. The difference is that it's family group based, as well as having an individual aspect to it. They can be more territorial/turf based than a lot of bucks.

No doubt, bully does and bully doe groups exist. If they are lone does, without a structured group, killing them can certainly draw more does in.

I don't have a pic of a piebald deer, but TrailMaster used a pic of an albino fawn I sent them many, many, many moons ago. They still have it up on their site. It's from N WI, about 20 miles S of Superior, from 15-20 years ago.

About 5 miles from my home there is a hear of about 12 white deer. They first were seen in the area about 5 years ago and the numbers keep growing.
Of course I don't have any that show the couple brown spots they have on there body but these photos will have to do. I also attached one of there fawns from this year. The last picture is the year they were fawns. The mother white doe we found dead 2 years ago now. Believe ehd got her.

I believe I see a brown patch on a deer's rump in that last picture. You are safe as long if something is not white besides the tarsal glands and head\parts of the head.
A pure albino's nose will also be almost white. A piebald's nose will be normal, black. An albino's eyes will be pink, a piebald's will be black.
An albinos nose is pink.
Normally I would say shoot them dead. I know what it's like to deal with momma sows. I only see a pie bald every 5 years and they are normally 50% or less.
It's a judgement call. I really like seeing the white deer because there are so few by me. I wouldn't shoot them if they were on my farm.
It does sound like you have a doe factory type of situation. Just 2 does aren't going to keep bucks away. You likely have too many period. 5 year old does have some pull, but they aren't the queens. I've knocked my age structure down, but two years ago I was shooting 7 and 8 year olds.
I'd personally leave the piebalds and unleash fury into every other doe you see. That's what I'm doing, and I'm starting to see less deer where I'm killing them. I'm also decreasing food plot acreage.
Ps-I'll take the hides if you don't want them.
Its one thing to not shoot them because of the novelty of it, but if they are creating issues - they need to go. It all depends on your habitat and management priorities. Protecting a few deer at the cost of potentially benefitting a much larger number simply because they are a different color is a choice you have to make.