Boys mount came home friday


Well I got the boys mount from this past fall home friday - Wish I had a better pic of it. Tough to get a good angle (see my thread about finishing my basement and needing more room - it's hanging on the wall where the steps go down to my basement). I figure it will score 145 to 150 gross (shame he busted off his righ side brow tine). He shot a small basket rack in 2011. Shot a small 100" in 2012, and then this guy last season. Sort of scared to see what he takes next if his trend continues!!!!

toms mount.jpg
Nice, was it taken on your property?
Very nice congrats to your boy.

I hear you on running out of hanging space, but that's a good problem to have.
Yes his buck was taken from my property (so I am proud of the deer as well as my boy for harvesting it). I seem to have identified a "sweet spot" on my farm. We have had some nice deer come by that stand.

I have a buddy that complained when I hung that stand the first time saying, "that's the dumbest place I have ever seen for a stand!"

they say pictures are worth 1000 words - this should shut him up!!!! These are the "other" deer from that stand or very near it. Success came in 2008 (upper left - 130" gross) and close but not quiet in 2012 (the night time photo) and twice in 2013 (deer on right is mine taken in November 2013) - my sons (see original post) was taken from less than 300 yards from the same stand in december 2013. There have also been numerous antlerless deer taken from this stand as well. One evening I had to quit shooting because I was not sure how many I could take after 2 went down and a third presented itself! Yep dumb place for a stand.....

Nice buck! Congrats to your son.
Way to go!
Way to stick to your guns on the stand setup! Heck with the haters proofs in the pudding;)
Nice racks! Congratulations to you and your son...;)
Hope your son is hooked for life!!! Is that blue thing on the mounts right side a registration tag. Alway interesting to see how other states register there deer. It's alway fun when you have a reliable honey hole to hunt.
I think he is hooked as far as hunting and fishing in general are concerned but he is only 18 and things change. He is off to college the end of the month and we all know that as a boy becomes a man that path is a twisted one with many choices along the way. I figure I did my job. I planted the seed and gave him some memories and a taste of success. I can only do so much - it's up to him where he goes from here. All I know is that I am going to miss my hunting buddy - the deer blind simply won't be the same - I may actually get some hunting done! By the looks of your avatar photo you will know what I am talking about before you know it, if you don't already.

As for the blue thing - it is the tag. However the state doesn't require you to tag the deer on the antler - its just something my boy does. The required tagging process is sort of convoluted (especially since we went to a call-in system). But yes - Indiana does give you a metal stamped tag during a physical check-in of your deer, but it is placed on the deers leg (you cut between the bone and the tendon of the lower rear leg and loop and lock the tag there. The tag gets cut off at the meat processor and is returned to us with the packaged meat. We simply keep the tag - and my boy hangs the tag on the antler of the buck. I keep mine and use a sharpie to make a few notes on it and keep them all like a necklace/lanyard.
preston deer.png

I have 3 kids 5,7,11 busy as HE$$. At age 5 I started to bring them out on select hunting outings. They all really enjoy hunting and fishing. just like you they are my favorite hunting/fishing/habitat free labors companions. MY daughter and I planted over 100 plugs together this spring. We also build a watering cart as a project together she likes to role up her pink sleeves and get dirt under her nails. tried to instill the out doors in them ALL!! But don't want to be that guy who forces them to not have fun at it. I coach a bunch of there sports and see to many parents trying to relive there youth and force there kids into doing stuff there don't care about. Don't get me wrong I nudge them along but try not to go over board. Take a kid hunting and you won't have to go hunting for that kid.
I was pretty much in the same boat when mine where that age. My youngest is 11 now. I simply open the door so to speak. Some of them take it and run with it while others prefer a different path and that's ok. My youngest of my 3 girls will be the hunter - the other 2 prefer more to take pictures and simply target shoot and that's OK too - they still like to fish as long as I do the worms and take the fish off the hook. They still love the outdoors and that is all I am after. We have fun and stick with what they are comfortable with. I took my two youngest out to spread seed in a plot once - it ended up in a seed throwing fight and rolling around in the dust (who needs a broadcaster and a cultipacker). Mom was not happy (daddy got in trouble), but we all had fun. I like watching their face ligh up when the deer show up and simply explaining the basics of what they are seeing in the woods. Life just seems simpler in the woods. They grow up and we grow old way too fast - slow down and enjoy every minute.
Very cool !! Congrats to your son
Sounds like a great stand site .
Very nice. Congrats to your son.
The single forked brow is very unique, cool characteristics in that rack. Congrats to your son!
Forked brows (once the deer is old enough) are a somewhat common thing in my area. I have a set of sheds that both of them have forked brows that are several inches deep. I am supposed to have mine back (same taxi) within a few weeks.