Bought a new skid

Jordan Selsor

5 year old buck +
Well just went and picked up my new to me toy.. New Holland lx 665 diesel with low hrs. Came with 2 buckets and a set of forks. Tires are pretty new. I am curious if anyone on here has any experience with lx665 skids. I mainly want to know how they handle a brush hog and stump grinder attachment.

Tks Jordan


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I never owned one but when l talked to lee about renting one from his brother he said the brush cutter on the skid steers are the cats meow for trail work.
This thing called for 10w30 for the hydraulic fluid and motor oil???? Weird I thought most diesels were 15w40
What kind of area are you going to be working? Wet grass can be a real problem for the tires without tracks.
My ground consist of mostly hardwood ridges and creek bottoms. I have allot of hrs on them and know when its to wet to be productive. I don't care for tracks on tire machines much, due to constantly having to tighten them and plus they will tear your tires up in a hurry! I considered a track machine but for my purposes dont think it was worth the extra coin.
I don't remember what model our NH skid steer is but it looks pretty similar to that one. We use our JD skid steer for the brush chopper I don't remember ever hooking it up to the NH. The JD is a little more enclosed with a door and sliding windows on the side so it feels a little safer from branches and other things that may come flying at you.

We have used the NH with pretty much all of the other attachments, I think the only other hydraulic attachment is the post hole digger. It worked well for that. It seems like a pretty good skid steer and my dad had bought it for a heckuva deal, so he hasn't been disappointed at all.
tks good to hear West Branch. I would love to pick up a smaller brush hog attachment but holy smokes they are pricy! I dont think the wife will go for it especially when we have a brush hog for my father in laws JD.
Thanks Mo! My wife was pissed that I bought it but hey I know a good deal when I see one;) I already got 2 paying jobs on the books with her. Im taking to the farm to clean up some brush piles this weekend. I hope to plant a good 2 acres of beans sun. I dont have a planter. Just gonna plow, disk and broadcast then disk again.
We shall see how it goes. You get your spring plots in yet?