Blackberries, what would you do?


A good 3 year old buck
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Diversity is good and it depends on how big the patches are.

Two falls back I jumped a nice buck out of blackberries-up in zone 1.
Sounds like this location was recently logged. Having blackberries sweep the landscape is common. It is the early sucession. You likely have other species growing in there. Eventually the blackberries will be choked out, as the stand matures.

Sounds like a good place to hunt.
I want them everywhere except my native grass fields, and I mow and/or spray them when they get too rank there. They will take over a native grass field.

Getting good blackberry growth in the woods recently logged and that is fine. I like seeing them there.
One of our woods is covered with wild red raspberries (logged about 7 years ago). The deer do love them but wow are they frustrating to work with. We mow trails through them and it helps funnel the deer past our stands. I will also say the deer ticks sure love the wild raspberries.