5 year old buck +
I know they're a pain, but the pics are cool anyway.


I had a pic of a big boar too but accidentally deleted it from the memory card. Caught a lot of flack for that blunder.
They seem to be very popular on my cams this year too. I would feel safe to claim about 8 unique bears so far.

Cool pictures though. It's nice to have diversity, but I agree sometimes I wish I wouldn't catch them on camera. This last camera pull I only had one bear so maybe they are moving out.
That's a nice photo SD...:cool:!
Pulled cards again today, got a new and much larger bear...


Nice pix of the bears. They're entertaining to watch in spring & summer, but boy they get destructive in fall when larding up for winter. They ruined a number of archery hunts for me over the years, too. Bear comes into the area and the deer all run off.:mad:

Little bear we passed opening evening.

Its got a guess the growl game. There are 2 growls. Try and guess what animal made them.
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Was that a real growl, or did you drop that in there? If it was real, I'd have filled my shorts in panic.
Looks like a great memory, Brooks. Was your son with you for the experience?

Are the bears hitting the dolgos?
Looks like a great memory, Brooks. Was your son with you for the experience?

Are the bears hitting the dolgos?

My 10 year old was filming. He was pretty stoked. I have never had issue with the bears in my apple trees.

Great footage. Have the bigger boys come in yet?

The 2 big boars show every night. But not during the day for over a week.

Cold weather may get them moving?
My dad drew a WI tag this year and bagged a nice boar on my land on Sunday that field dressed 320 pounds. He saw 2 larger bears earlier in the afternoon, but they wouldn't come all the way into the bait site. The swamp was extremely wet this year and that threw a wrench into our standard bait site location. He hunted the swamp stand for 3 days without seeing a bear and we made a new bait site on Saturday. The next day he killed a nice one.
Neat video. How did your boy handle it?
Good to see some with bear success. The bait sites I had for my daughter all went cold once the acorns dropped and another new one was hit once but nothing since. I think next week she is going to want to deer hunt instead.
We abandoned this bait and they got angry and tore the tree down
Hoping they come back so we can chat