Apple tree pest ID


Yearling... With promise
Been spraying my trees with Malathion/Captan pretty regular.Trees look pretty good and it looks like i might get some apples this year.I did find some small bugs and eggs on one of my trees.Can any of you apple guys ID them for me ?? any advice would also be appreciated. thanks,Mike


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I'm not 100% but they look like these, brown marmorated stink bug.

I am not positive on the id, certainly could be immature stink bugs. If so Malathion is not reccomended for control of them, looks from my Penn State Fruit Production book they can be difficult to kill and have a long lifespan. Looks like to there reccomendation is the chemical, methomyl, product name "Lannate SP".
What specific variety of apple?
In any other fruit trees?