Anyone ever overseed brassicas into a sprayed white clover plot?


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I have a few plots that are 3 year old established alsike white clover. They were just mowed this past weekend and are a little wet to disc. I was wondering if anyone has had success spraying with gly and over-seeding with brassicas? I am thinking of seeding, fertilizing and spraying the same day. Thoughts?
I havent done this to white clover....but i just did this to Crimson Clover. Seed was broadcast last night just ahead of a hard we will see how that goes. I have broadcast brassica into gly killed failed white clover worked quite well for me.
Why are you spraying the white clover? Weeds or grass? Here in Oklahoma the clover go's dormant in July/August so if the weeds and grass aren't too bad we can just broadcast turnips right into it. Next spring when the turnips are gone the clover is still there ready to rock and roll...
Why are you spraying the white clover? Weeds or grass?

My plots stay pretty wet most of the year so I plant alsike clover as my plow down instead of red clover. I'm anticipating that there will be a good flush of new clover next spring from the seed that is there.

Thanks phil.
I did something similar a few years back. I had white clover mix plot that had quite a few grasses and broadleaf weeds that I sprayed a 1qt/acre gly on and overseeded with brassicas. Timely rain made the plot a big success. The following spring I frost seeded with more white clover. I would not hesitate to do it - if you get rain it will work great. So far this year we have had plenty of rain, but August may dry up so best to get this going now while the weather forecast is still favorable.
Augieplot.JPG towerplot.JPG I will give a little update on my mow, spray, fertilize, seed (july 12th with split plantings of the Lickcreek mixes), and cultipacked plots. Fortunately they have gotten some intermittent rains totaling a half-inch but they are a little on the dry side. The brassicas are starting to come up but kind of blew me away is that the 4010 peas are about 6 -8 inches tall. Hopefully the plots can get some decent rains soon. I'm kind of surprised the rye hasn't come up yet.
I broadcast WI winter greens into a clover plot 2 weeks ago. I used my backpack blower to blow the seeds into the ground. It worked great, I was surprised at how many I could see germinated last weekend. We have had a lot of rain so I am hoping they will jump over the clover.
I've tried it with durana, but the clover is just too aggressive. Haven't had much luck--a plant here or there.