Anyone ever install drain tile in a plot?



Has anyone looked into or actually drain tiled their plots? Farmers will do it to really help with handling heavy rains without flooding. I have some poorly drained clay soils and wondered if anyone actually has done it for a food plot.
I would assume farmers pay a large amount of money with all the red tape that involves. One thing I've done is utilizing the water with a water hole off the plot. A simple trench could lead the water where you want it. I've posted this picture before but here's what I did.
Thanks Riggs. I'm no expert but it looks like you have some topography to work with. My area is really flat. That is another option to have the low area dug up and put that dirt back on the plot and try and crown it.
If you have some equiptment it's worth a try to move some dirt around to see what you can create. I used my tractor and loader to do mine but a skid steer would have been easier.
Tiling needs somewhere for the water to go. If you dump it into a watershed, you have to deal with whoever controls that. If you dump it into a sink hole you made (pond), you don't need to get anyone's permission. Our wetland and water conservation district people are only concerned with people who add water to their neighbors land, I was told I can dam a seep (creating a pond) and prevent the run off (there's hardly any) from reaching my neighbors land without any issues or permits needed. They're more interested in getting accurate surveys of the existing wetland in the event someone wishes to un-plug the dam and return it to a muck hole.
I should also add, I would absolutely LOVE to tile some of my clay soils into the hollows on my land. I don't have the equipment or funds to do it now, but some day I might try that.