Any morels yet?


5 year old buck +
I made the trip out today. Checked some spots I'm near certain should produce, but nothing yet. I imagine I'm a tad anxious at this point. I'd hope to start seeing them next weekend in my neck of the woods. I'm on the IA/MN border looking.
Dads been finding them for a week in his early spot in 6b
I haven't heard of any of the guys I know on the WI side getting any yet. I am about 20 minutes north of that border on the WI side.
Been finding them for about 3 weeks. NE OK.
Can't express how jealous I am. We got another good shot of rain tonight, but we're missing that consistent heat to get the show on the road.
Still a few snow piles in my parts.
I'm a newcomer to this. I've never found one and known what it was. Now I love this category. When do y'all fellas think they'll pop down in Georgia. I do forestry work and I'd never take one where I worked without a landowners permission but I may could casually bring it up and and either give them some inside info, give them a new hobby, or give myself a good meal. I have googled it extensively and have checked many soil types, hydrologic areas, and cover types and I haven't found squat. Anyways great category and thread guys. Keep this info coming.
I'd get looking now. Take a look at this map. There are people out there that post what dates they find their morel. You can find some good info here.
Mankato has sightings - Hopefully that means I'll have success next weekend in Brainerd.
Mankato has sightings - Hopefully that means I'll have success next weekend in Brainerd.
Good luck Jim.....but I have my doubts. There is just ONE sighting down by Mankato. :cool: The last ice is just going out of our lake.....pretty cold soil temps yet IMO. Bah Humbug. :(
With any luck I'll be up there breaking in the ar10 this weekend, and then I'll probably be back the next for Fish's event. Between those two, maybe I'll find some shrooms before the critters beat me to them.
Minneapolis is as far north as they've gotten? Dang it! I'm going up tomorrow and wanted to get some.
It's strange to say the least. I've seen maps that show sightings are far north as Eau Claire, yet hardly anything in SD yet.
Another strikeout today for me. The 23 degree freeze we got thursday night didn't help anything.
South central Wisconsin there popping like crazy. Nothing at the land yet in the center of the state. I think it will be starting there this week.
I've never hunted them before. I found a group of about 7 while mowing the lawn Sunday in Scandia. I have 10 acres. Do they tend to grow in small pods? or would it be worth my time to walk it all? Will they grow back this year in the spot i picked them from?
Yes , walk ever inch of your property. And yes they tend to grow in groups but have found loners also. They should reappear next year in the same spot especially if you carry them in a onions sack where spores can fall through and possibly reseed themselves.
Sounds good . Thanks Trapper .
Morels have popped. Just found 10 or so still looking!
I'm headed out tomorrow. Had to do habitat work today.