An Apple and a Pear Problem


5 year old buck +
Here's a pic of one of this years grafts, a Chestnut Crab, that opened up nicely but now is dying back.

Have several more that look like they might start doing the same thing. Anyone have a clue as to what's going on here, or is it just a failing graft connection.

Here's a pic of a Pear seedling about 5 -6 years old that grew up from the rootstock when the grafted tree died. I grafted a Kiefer pear scion to several of it's branches. It leafed out nicely but now the leaves on the main trunk all look like this.

I limed and fertilized with 10-10-10 earlier this spring. Any thought on what's going on with this tree?

How are watering them, found out the hard way? Are you using rootmakers? If you are watering them by pouring water in the top, with enough to think they are watered, so water runs out the holes for root pruning, You are not getting water down to all the roots. I water mine in 18 cell rm. an ounce at a time. Starting with doing all 18 an ounce at a time, and continuing until water comes out the bottom.
Thanks for the reply wildfire, but the pear has been in the ground for about 5-6 years. the apple is in a 5 gal pot and getting the same watering as 84 other pots.