Always one soft spot!


5 year old buck +
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Actually was a good day. Got one brassica plot in and got another worked up. Where I got stuck always has a soft spot. Still got 90% of the plot disked up. I will be putting the dipper rye and clover in tomorrow.
Pictures like that make me appreciate my sand a little bit more. Its never been "too soft" for me to plant.
Yowser! This is a good year to play it safe on the soft ground. Just be glad that is the wheeler....and not that Z71. ;)
I'm just glad I could get my truck back to it. It would have been quite a shovel job. That was the worst I have ever buried one.
What state are you located in?

I hope I can do a bit of work tomorrow without getting stuck.
Price county Wisconsin. We have had a lot of rain. Both plots I did today get decent sun so they weren't so bad.
I got my old 790 John Deere tractor stuck like that once.....with a rain storm looming. Like you, I was able to get my SUV nearby and pull the tractor free with the SUV. rained a couple of inches within hours of getting it out. :eek:

After that episode.....I bought the best come-along on the market as a back-up plan. Super duty, cast iron model used by the off-road crowd. ;) Have not needed it since. :) (tho I couda used it when I got my UTV stuck last fall out on County land :oops:)