Age this Please

Brad N

Yearling... With promise
I'm just curious....Edit.JPG
Where is the pic taken??? If up north I would say 2.5 or 3.5
Taken in NW Minnesota. Only have two pics of him, never saw him again.
Sure looks 3.5 or older to me. A 2.5 in my area wouldn't come close to that deer body wise.
Big belly, rolls on the neck, deep chest. 3.5 minimum. With a couple more pictures I would be more sure.

I predict he will have some funky rack, something seems odd. Just not sure what?

3.5 or better
Here are the only pics...

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Sept. 2nd
Sept. 2nd

Well I bet he looks like a tank today. I'm in the at least 3.5 camp. Maybe more. Shoot him and send his teeth in.