Acorn float test


5 year old buck +
Ok you crazy nut folks, well that came out wrong.......

I'd like to test my acorns, haha well that deff came out wrong....

Do you just put them in a bucket of water regardless of warm or cold water? How long do you let them soak before you make a decision? Do you air dry them after that?

No water temp. doesnt matter. Room temperature is fine. Floaters toss, sinkers keep. Dry with some paper towels and refrigerate with a damp paper towel. Keep the acorns in a plastic ziplok bag until planting. Leave the bag open a bit or poke some small holes through plastic for gas exchange. Red oaks need to stratify for a number of days, whites can be planted immediately.
Ya know how long you let them soak?
Buck- your complicating it! Take a bucket put some water in it and toss in your nuts - wow thats cold! Now put your acorns in the water! The good ones will sink almost like rocks because they are denser and do no have air in them (make sure the caps are removed from the acorn). Anything else gets tossed - yes some may be marginal and germinate - but I don't waste my time with it. Towel off the sinkers and let air dry. White oak family memebers should be planted right away as they will germinate yet this year. Red and black oak family memebers need to be tossed in a partially open ziplock bag with something to retain some moisture in the bag as well (damp papertowel will work just fine - this is done so the acorns don't dry out). Toss them in the fridge and check on them once a week - make sure the towel is damp and no mold is growing in the bag. I have had some germinate in the fridge before - so be prepared.
What he said ^^