44" Swisher Brush Cutter on Auction in MN

Your Turing into some sort of 'chinery junkie Freeborn. Addictive isn't it? :)

I'd like to pull one of those trail mowers around my trails. Some day I'm going to buy one. Prolly a good deal....but I'm 1800 miles away.....and need to see what I buy.
If the unit was in OK running order that was a good deal. A unit like that new is $1500 bucks. I would think you would want to see the unit or at minimum have a very good video of the unit running.
I bought our swisher mower for $600, 44" rough cut. it's not brand new but it starts on the first pull and only issue has been that the nuts come a little loose and need tightening if I get into the heavy stuff. Figured I can sell it at that same price or more if I wanted to sell.