2014 bow buck


5 year old buck +

Got this guy monday night, tagged out early this year in WI. He was a resident we got a lot of summer pics of. 17 inches wide and weighed 275lbs (we weigh with guts in). He has a tine coming out the back and the tip of g3 somehow broke in velvet but reattached still pointing up instead of flopping over like you might expect, haven't seen that before personally.
Great buck! Farm looks awesome in the background too!!!
Nice, great looking photos.
Congratulations. 275lbs. is a huge deer. Never weighed one live weight. Our largest deer in 30yrs has been 210 dressed. Did you weigh yours dressed?
I would have shot him.
No I didn't weigh dressed but the online calculators but it at about 215 (~78% live weight). We try to get a couple good pics of the bucks we get and keep a binder of them to flip through on the coffee table at the farm.
Nice one, u drill him in the shoulder?
grats! that's a good WI buck.
Congrats on the buck!

Nice pics also.
Nice Buck!

And great pictures.
Great buck! Congrats
Sweet! Nice job.
Congrats on a fine one!
Very nice buck.
Great buck! That funky tine is cool. Congratulations
Nice one, u drill him in the shoulder?
Yes I surely did! Not sure if it was buck fever or trying to see the hit or what but I hit about 5 inches right of aiming point and thought I was in trouble...til I heard a crash and death moan 20 seconds later.
Nice! Great buck.
Very nice buck, congrats!
Great buck!