1st Bow Hunt of Season


5 year old buck +
Finally got some time to get out to bow hunt. Saw 17 deer, all were hammering on brassicas. Saw 3 bucks no shooters. Son saw 140ish 8 point, but not close enough to shoot. Some chasing but most of bucks just feeding with does.
Nice! I am looking forward to getting out again this weekend! Good Luck Tom!
This weather has not slowed the rut down I saw 4 bucks and 13 baldies and my son saw 30 deer this afternoon. I was tempted on an 8 point that came in to check the decoy out. Lots of chasing going on. Their were deer in the plots non-stop from the time we got in stand at 1:30 this afternoon till dark. Pulled a card from camera on way out, there were a few good ones on cam.