12 x 24 school built cabin auction

Dang... thats nice, and looks like a good price right now.
Nice, thats a very good value if it sells near that price.
Wow. First I saw of this cabin....just now. Close to what I need at my land. Looks well-built. Gotta move it the next day?? Add $2000 for moving and buyers premium. Then add HVAC, flooring and get power to it. Still....you could not build it for this price.

Wish I had seen this sooner. Argh.
anyone here bidding on it? Not sure if I should go for this one....or not. Would suit me better to find something in Spring / Summer.
That looks nice. I'd love to get to see some of these things in person. I just never take the time to do it. And of course, nobody that makes these puts any pricing info online. That's a big barrier for me when it comes to picking up the phone.
It's up around 7K now. I'm not bidding, and probably wouldn't if I was in the market. The lighting design is lacking, which means there's wires to pull through the insulation in the ceiling (which is also likely a bit on the weak side based on the low end everything else), and the floor's not insulated.

The knotty pine is nice looking.

After buyers premium and delivery, you'd be better off building your own on-site.
I would like to have something like that but have used a fishhouse for now.

I would need to drop some trees and could put it in a place with a nice lake view.

I would be happy with all steel on 3 sides. Less maintenance.

Not interested for right now.
Price keeps ratcheting up. Gonna watch it sell. I think its still a very good value.
Looking at all the detail work there is a lot of value in that building. To bad Bell Plaine is not in the center of the state as it would put that cabin allot closer to the market that would often buy that type of cabin.
8,500 got it
You mean $9,350 plus tax. :)
$8500. + 850 buyers premium + 700 tax + 1000 to move + 1000 HVAC + 300 electric hook up + $500 micl = $ !2,850 + flooring and furniture and blinds, etc.

Still.....not sure you could get one built for that.
Write me a check for 10k and I'll get you one. ;)
I was bored in HS wood shop class. I'd had access to a well equipped wood shop since I was 7 at the time. My instructor even asked why I took it. :D

This is the only part of my shop I farmed out - 21 yards of concrete is a bit much for one guy.


I did everything else, with some help getting walls and trusses up.


I know we are drifting away from the original thread, but since the auction is over!:) I enjoy building and wood working as well, took woods shop all 4 years of high school. I have been directly envolved with 2 house additions, 1 house build, finished our current basement,and built my current garage/shop. Looking forward to the day where I can do most of the construction work on my next house. Like MoBuckChaser said most highschoolers were self sufficient with a little on the job training after highschool 20-30 yrs ago to handle blood and sweat jobs. Now they have to go to a 2 yr college just to be able to handle those same jobs, because they dont learn them in highschool.
I'm actually hoping to do some timber framing in the new house. Not all of it (too much work for one guy and it'd take me forever), but I want the entry way to be exposed beams from trees milled off our land.