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The power of sweet corn


5 year old buck +
With a rock. Fairly easily at that.

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5 year old buck +
I would sure try!


5 year old buck +
I had sent my black lab into a friends yard to chase away a bunch of geese. I would say there had to be 50. Let’s just say he doesn’t like geese anymore. And my neighbor learned to deal with geese in his yard.
It was funny at first, but the geese wouldn’t leave him alone, and I had to go out there and get my dog away from the geese. Those things can be mean when they get in big groups.


5 year old buck +
I'd like to see a Mack hit em.


5 year old buck +
I used to cut flocks in half walking across grain fields to go sit in a bow stand it was ridiculous - latter go grab a gun and they would lift of the field at the hint of iron in my hand.. A college friend used to guide out of Rochester MN he could hand feed the geese on one side of the fence in town then struggle to kill the same birds out of pit blinds on the other side. They are an interesting fowl - used to say the only good sound a goose ever made was the thud of it hitting the ground, but I do like to hear them as they mark the start of fall - we just have them around all the time now in town crapping on everything.


Yearling... With promise
I can taste the BBQ pulled goose already! 7 more days till i smack them in the mouth with some Bismuth :emoji_metal:


They can be a lot of fun to hunt if you can get to the right places... Around here however the best places you can't hunt because it's industrial parks or housing additions or golf courses and the resident geese know it! They are tougher than they look as well....we all know they get nasty during nesting season and when they have their little ones...but even during hunting season I have seen them stand their ground. A 12 gauge typically resolves any issues during a stand-off like that.