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seeding rate of LC cereal grain combo?


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So I am looking at the seeding rates of the LC mix and I notice the brassica portion of seed is all proportionate because there are multiple plant species being planted in that acre. But when I look at the cereal grain seeding rates it seems like each of the individual plant seeding rates are what you would use for an entire acre if only planting a monoculture of that species. What am I missing? It seems the cereal seeding rates are far higher than they should be.

Any help would be appreciated.


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Nope, Paul used the rates he stated in the mix because cereal grains were the "staple food" within that process. The rates are correct, and you won't be disappointed if you stick to Paul's plan.


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When broadcasting cereal grains vs drilling them, in a lot of cases you will get lower germination rates. You will also lose a lot of seed to the birds if you have them. I lose plenty to turkeys, sandhill cranes, and even the mourning doves. Best tool i have against the birds is my atv cultipacker. Like WW said, plant the recommended rates and you should do well.


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i just planted LC mix for for the fist time with one caveat.....they did not have their bulk radish, turnip, and kale seed in stock yet. so I bought a bob bAG with the same three seeds in it....the problem is, i'm certain it was not at the same ratios intended with the LC MIX....the BOB bag had 64% kale 20% turnips and 5% radishes....i feel like i should add some radishes at the very least....anybody have any thoughts? I wanted to get it in the ground b/c we are expecting rain tonight and i'm already behind on planting dates, which is why i compromised on the seed.