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Poultry Litter


5 year old buck +
I have access to a good amount of quail litter. It's manure/sawdust bedding that is fresh from the pen. Is it too "hot" to apply on fruit trees. I have several peaches that are about 10 years old, a couple of 4th leaf apples, some 2nd or 3rd leaf pears, and some 2nd leaf honey crisp. I know poultry litter is good stuff but some say it's too hot to use on gardens unless composted. Trying to compost a large amount for the garden, was wondering about the trees.

Any advise on its use is appreciated, regarding the fruit trees or the garden. Buddy raises quail and produces about 2 55 gallon drums worth/week.

Turkey Creek

5 year old buck +
Poultry is typically pretty high in N. I wouldnt ever see a need for N on peaches unless you are on really poor soil, trying to control vigor in peaches is usually a concern. I would certainly not over do it on the others.


5 year old buck +
Poultry is typically pretty high in N.

38% Nitrogen, they say.

26 chickens here. They roost on pine shavings. This gets me a wheelbarrow full every month or so. This gets wheeled straight to the orchards. I might use a few shovels full on baby trees to the full load on mature trees. Amazing stuff and I've seen no damage even when dumping August, September...on thru the winter, every month, no sign of too much growth and winter kill that you will see warnings about fertilizing only in the spring. Virtually 10 years of fresh fert every month over probably 50 to 60 trees. Hazelnuts, Oaks included with Apples.

Quick story. I sweeten the ground where I'm going to plant trees. This might mean a wheelbarrow load dumped in one spot a year (or two) ahead of planting a tree. Now here in early April I watch the deer move from pile to pile eating the green grass that grows around the edge of the manure pile. There are spots of green grass here and there but mostly still dormant bare winter ground and the "sweet" spots get their share of attention.