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Mini Excavator


5 year old buck +
Jack, as you mentioned, resale is higher on Cats, which effects you only during the purchase. The rest of the time you have a top notch machine with the most universal attachments. But the best part, you buy it, use it for a few years, and you want to resell it, you will probably be able to sell it for what you bought it for.

Yep, my neighbor tells me that most of the major brands can be sold in a few years for close to what you paid for them if you get a reasonable deal and there are no major issues with it when you go to sell.


5 year old buck +
Saw this link on another site but some excavator porn for ya. Believe this is with a Cat machine but yah it's really the operator. A bit bigger than a mini though, about 30K lb but this thing has cool attachments too.

Damn, I have used a tilt bucket one time, let’s just say his work looks much better then what I did.