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Mailbox rules and yard signs


5 year old buck +
I have 3 mailboxes on my property where my road meets a blacktop road. None of which are mine as I don't live there. 2 of the mail box owners don't even have a easement to my private road, their access is a public gravel road which hits the blacktop about quarter mile away from mine. Those two recently moved up and im certain they were to lazy to dig holes for their mailbox posts hence why I assume they decided to screw their boxes to the existing one on my land. You can likely guess their political affiliation based on the lazy.... well can I install political yard signs to the posts of mailbox provided it doesn't interfere with mail carriers access? The other neighbor who actually has the easement thinks the idea is hilarious but im unsure if it's considered postal property. Yes I'll have a cuddelink watching their reactions pulling up to mailbox. Any suggestions for funny yard signs welcomed


5 year old buck +
They shouldn't be able to access your private drive and usually they have to put them out on public road.The post shouldn't be postal property as the individual is responsible to makeing sure the boxes meet standards.You should be able to find everything you need from the local postmaster but if they wern't friends I would tell them to move their boxes but there may be a chance you would have to put your box wherever theirs are if you ever need one