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BC 4215 Grapple and JD 4044 problems

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Would like some input from guys with more experience. In July I bought a new tractor and a Westendorf 4215 grapple. First project I did with it I bent the ears of my FEL and bent the grapple. Wasn’t doing anything more than what I saw on the demo videos. Talking to the dealer, he says the tractor has too much hydraulic power for that grapple. I didn’t know that when I bought the package from him. Dealer is coming to my place Saturday. Anyone have a similar experience? Is it fair to ask for my money back on the grapple and to repair the FEL for free?


If he sold it to you like that then tells you it’s the wrong combo not only do you have the right to ask him to fix it he shouldn’t have any complaints about making it right.


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Dont know anything about grapples and that model but he wasn't giving you a line about your tractor capability vs that light duty grapple. Took a quick look at page for grapple and noted the smallish tractor they had it mounted on. Your rig is fully capable of chaining that little tractor with grapple to your bucket and lifting 8 ft in the air. Sure that grapple was cheap to buy but for a reason as made for light duty.

I have a very similar tractor as yours but a few generations back with the 4600 model. Not a big rig by any means but not a subcompact either