Your Day Has Never Been This Bad Has It!



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Yikes! Some of those would suck pretty badly.

Here are a couple from when my brother was helping out a neighbor that did mulching on the tailings basin up by Silver Bay. The tailings from the mining are like flour and they ended up hitting a soft spot. There was a lot of suction holding the bale buster in place. The front end broke when trying to pull it out with a D8.


It sat for a week because they had to make a road out to it to get more equipment to pull it out. The mining company had to approve everything which is another reason why it took longer. They ended up pulling it with a dozer while lifting with an excavator:


Here is another where my brother was moving bale feeders in the feedlot. With the bucket in the air on the skid steer it only takes a little bit of slope to tip it over. My dad is looking it over trying to figure out what to do:

The hang on, the last page of that pdf is so freaking scary I think i'd just kill myself before it let loose.
I bet there were some stained shorts in many of these.
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In my youth I buried a BoB cat over the wheel wells. Got it out after 2days and 1 1/2 cord of wood stuck under it one stick at a time lifting it with buck. Should not have been that far out into a swamp. Now I won't rent one with out tracks and I stay on dry land. Feel for those guys in the PIC.
John and WB-the ladies I work with enjoyed the pictures. Two are farm girls and the other is from the range.
I flipped a skid like that hauling a stump with grapples! That will knock the crap out of you for sure
Makes a lot of the "bad days " I have had seem a lot better, but at those poor folks expense.