Winesap, Should it be thinned?


5 year old buck +
Guys only one of my fruit trees has flowers this year, mostly cuz the rest are to young. :)

I put this Winesap in its place this past April and its growing real well, problem is it has lots of blooms, should I pick most of these off. Also if I do need to thin this thing how do you do that, just snap the flowers off or what?


I would say that tree is to young to have apples I would pluck them all off. You don't want to stunt the tree
Man, a guy can't even have 1 apple and he gets yelled at. :)

Your right i'm sure as I'm a newb to this stuff, consider them plucked.
That's what I said I would do:). I have been known to leave apples on young trees just to get anything. It's frustrating in the young years to have all these trees and nothing to show for it
Its a semi-dwarf which should reach about 15 feet. This is a tree I bought from a local source and the only one that I don't know what root stock it's on. This tree is 3 years old, I was thinking of tying them down also but wasn't sure when to do that. The main central leader is far and away the clear winner, I have already cut off its main competition a few weeks ago.
I got new cages on them all now 15 feet of Wire remesh 5 foot tall. ;)
Hey gents, I have picked all the blossoms. No wait, I didn't! I must have missed a few late bloomers, I have 5-6 apples currently dime sized on this tree, should I snap them off? Its just a dilemma cuz now I'm attached to them. :( (or is it the tree that is attached to them?)
It's in the best interest of your tree to remove the apples.
It's in the best interest of your tree to remove the apples.

Yeah I knew it I just didn't want to face it. Thanks Ed. :(